Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why I started this blog, Part 3...

So here we are, almost a year since this all started. I finished seeing Paul back in September (the "free" sessions courtesy of the DHB being of a limited number), weighing in on his scales at 119.0 kg (123.2 kg on my own scales the same day). That's 14.5 kg I'd lost since starting this work with him. Yes, I'm pretty happy with that!

Talking with Paul before I left him that last time, he said I should continue with the food diary and calculating the calories, and I should ask a friend to take on the role of support person, who I'd report to periodically. I'm afraid I've not been much good at either of those. I've kept a diary sporadically, but you know by now how good I am at diaries! I figure I know what a good day's menu looks like, and it is up to me to work at maintaining that. And I never did get around to asking someone to be my mentor, but if I fail to progress I still have that option to kickstart it again.

On the whole, since I stopped "following the program" properly, my weight has mainly stayed around the same mark. In the run-up to Christmas, of course, things went a little awry and my weight was up to 124.5 kg (from 123.2 kg previously on my scales) on 27 December. With a firm resolve, I've lost more than 1.0 kg in the week since. Time I got a handle on this and started making some decent progress!

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