Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's talk about the weather

Forget about my weight. It's not been a good subject lately, with me gaining back about half of what I lost. But I have it under control, I think - when I weighed myself yesterday I'd lost a little on the previous time. Not recording numbers right now. I know what a proper meal consists of and am capable of doing that, but I have to stop letting myself have a little "treat" too often. Once a week is okay, three or four times isn't.

Now I'm thinking about the weather - rainfall in particular. Here in the north of New Zealand we've been in drought since about Christmas last year. Bugger-all rain, though our little spot in Kaiwaka seems to get more than some.

A while back I bought an electronic rain gauge to keep an eye on our rainfall, but I am not convinced it's picking up all the rain we've had. So yesterday I installed a plain-old plastic cup type gauge next to it, so the numbers can be compared.

Although it had rained most of the day yesterday, it wasn't raining when I put the old-fashioned rain gauge (OFG) up. The electronic rain gauge (ERG) said we'd had 47.2mm of rain since it's last reset at that time.

This morning, around 8am, I checked the ORG and it showed 3mm of rain. The ERG says we've now had 49.9mm, a difference of 2.7mm - close enough to satisfy me at this stage.

It's a foggy morning this morning. Can't see the far side of our valley, let along Pukekaroro beyond it.

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  1. Forgot to add that we had about 20mm of rain yesterday. It is very damp around here this morning, even with the sun trying to break through the fog! I can just see the outline of the house on the far side of the valley now, but not the other side of the road it's on.